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Title: Forming of supramolecular salts based on the hydroxycarboxylatogermanic acids and nitrogen-containing organic molecules
Authors: Seifullina, Inna Y.
Martsynko, Olena E.
Chebanenko, Olena Anatoliivna
Piesarohlo, Olena G.
Марцинко, Олена Едуардівна
Марцинко, Елена Эдуардовна
Сейфулліна, Інна Йосипівна
Сейфуллина, Инна Иосифовна
Citation: 27th International Chugaev Conference on Coordination Chemistry 4th Conference-School for Young Researchers “Physicochemical Methods in Coordination Chemistry” October 2-6,2017, N. Novgorod, Russia
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: supramolecular
hydroxycarboxylatogermanate acids
Abstract: The modem stage of development of supramolecular chemistry is characterized by the appearance of a significant number of publications devoted to the study of various chemical systems, which self-organize due to non-covalent, in particular, hydrogen bonds.
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