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Title: Архетип матери во внутреннем пространстве мужчины
Other Titles: Archetype of mother in man's inner space
Authors: Акимова, Лариса Наумовна
Akimova, Larysa N.
Акімова, Лариса Наумівна
Citation: Вісник Чернігівського національного педагогічного університету імені Т.Г. Шевченка
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: архетип Великой матери
материнский комплекс
the archetype of the Great Mother
maternity complex
Series/Report no.: Психологычны науки;№ 128.
Abstract: В данной статье ставится проблема конституирования модели маскулинности во внутреннем пространстве мужчины. Проанализировано влияние архетипа Великой Матери на процесс приобретения мужчиной себя как целостного, независимого от интроецированной материнской фигуры объекта.
In this article the problem of constituting the models of masculinity in the man *s interior is raised. Understanding of the dominant model of masculinity allows you to fix the authoriiaiiveness, aggression ana competitiveness as stable characteristics o f male behavior. It is proved that these characteristics may be signs of infantile masculinity, which while striving for independence displays aggressiveness to everything feminine and comes in conflict with him. The influence of the archetype of the Great Mother in the process of acquiring the man himself as a holistic, independent from the object’s introjected maternal figure is analyzed. The personification of the archetype of the Great Mother in the cared for, horrible, divine mother and ¿he category of power as the essence of these images is studied. It is shown that a man’s overcoming his dependence on a mother or mother-complex is associated with the specific conditions of resisting the power, which are typical the signs of trauma. The process of obtaining a mature masculinity undergoes gradually overcoming of three traumas. Each trauma is a threat o f extinction and a chance of acquiring. The trauma of separation, which results in a man's physically and spiritual separation from his mother, is a threat of loss and guilt. It is offset by a sense of dignity, pride and glory. After experiencing the emotional trauma of dissolution, the man takes his erotic and sexual impulses under control. As a result of the emotional trauma the man learns to control his aggressive intentions.
Other Identifiers: УДК 159.922Д .964.26
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