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Title: Promoting the rule of law through free trade agreements: the case of public procurement reform in Ukraine
Other Titles: Сприяння розвитку верховенства права шляхом торговельної лібералізації: приклад реформи публічних закупівель в Україні
Authors: Sarakutsa, Mariia O.
Rabinovych, Maryna L.
Саракуца, Марія Олександрівна
Рабінович, Марина Львівна
Саракуца, Мария Александровна
Citation: Visegrad Journal on Human Rights
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: EU
rule of law
free trade
development economics
public procurement
верховенство права
економіка розвитку
публічні закупівлі
Series/Report no.: ;№ 3
Abstract: The history of the U. S. state-sponsored and private agencies' ambitious effort to reform substantive legislation, judicial systems and legal education in Asia, Africa and South America dates back to the Law and Development Movement of the 1960s. Since that time donor institutions worldwide have been promoting what T. Carothers (2010) called the standard "RoL reform menu", offering the reforms of substantive laws; law-related institutions and "increasing government's compliance with the law". As the"Community, based on the rule o f law (RoL)", the EU is not an exception to this rule. While the EU emphasizes the RoL in its Enlargement Strategy and actively promotes it to third states, the EU's RoL promotion activities are broadly criticized in scholarship. The first deficiency of the EU Enlargement Policy and external RoL promotion is the lack of clear standards, leading to the fact that the Candidate countries and Neighbours have to "comply with the unknown". Second, the EU tends not to go beyond the 'menu', enshrined by Carothers. Finally, the set of the legal and implementing instruments the Union uses to promote the RoL barely changes over time, notwithstanding the external challenges.
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