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dc.contributor.authorHrinevych, Viktor S.-
dc.contributor.authorSerdyuk, V. V.-
dc.contributor.authorSmyntyna, Valentyn A.-
dc.contributor.authorFilevska, Liudmila M.-
dc.identifier.citationЖурнал аналитической химииuk
dc.description.abstractMetal oxides are finding increasingly wide application in technology and electrotechnology in the form of ceramics, sintered layers, and films produced by various methods. Tin oxide doped with different additives in particular is widely used in sensors for different atmospheric gases. At the same time, practical application of tin dioxide and other oxides is significantly restricted hv the chagnos that occur in important parameteters of sensing elements fabricated from them. in the work reported here we investigated the reasons for changes in the adsorption properties of Sn02— Pd sensors in atmospheric
dc.relation.ispartofseries;Т. 45, № 8.-
dc.subjectatmospheric airuk
dc.titlePhysicochemical mechanism restonsible for the parameters of gas sensors rased on oxide materialsuk
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