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Title: Polarization Characteristics of Surface Plasmon Resonance in SnO2 Nanocluster Films
Authors: Hrinevych, Viktor S.
Maksymenko, L. S.
Matiash, I. E.
Mischuk, O. N.
Rudenko, S. P.
Serdeha, B. K.
Smyntyna, Valentyn A.
Filevska, Liudmila M.
Citation: Физика и техника полупроводников
Issue Date: 2011
Keywords: plasmon resonance
Series/Report no.: ;Т. 45, № 11.
Abstract: Internal reflection features caused by the surface plasmon resonance in nanoscale films contain ing defect tin dioxide clusters in the stoichiometric dielectric matrix are studied by the method of polarization modulation of electromagnetic radiation. The angular and spectral characteristics of reflectances and of s and p polarized radiation and their polarization difference ρ = – are measured in the wavelength range λ = 400–1600 nm. The experimental characteristics ρ(θ, λ) (θ is the radiation incidence angle) obtained represent the optical property features associated with the film structure and morphology. Surface plasmon polaritons and local plasmons excited by s and p polarized radiation are detected; their frequency and relaxation properties are determined. The structural sensitivity of the technique for studying the surface plasmon resonance for tin dioxide films is shown.
Other Identifiers: DOI: 10.1134/S1063782611110108
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