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Title: ZnO thin films as a platform for optical immunosensors devoted for determination of GVA-antigen
Authors: Tereshchenko, Alla V.
Fedorenko, V.
Smyntyna, Valentyn A.
Konup, Ihor P.
Konup, A.
Eriksson, M.
Yakimova, R.
Ramanavicius, A.
Balme, S.
Bechelany, Mikhael
Конуп, Ігор Петрович
Конуп, Игорь Петрович
Терещенко, Алла Володимирівна
Терещенко, Алла Владимировна
Citation: Advances in Bioelectrochemistry and Nanomaterials [Электронный ресурс] : book of abstracts of the 9th Nanoconference (20th-22nd October 2016) / Vilnius University (VU) . – Электрон. кн. – Vilnius, 2016
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: optical immunosensor
Grapevine virus A-type (GVA)
thin films of ZnO
Abstract: Optical immunosensor for the determination of Grapevine virus A-type (GVA) proteins (GVAantigens) has been developed [1]. The immunosensor was based on thin films of ZnO (100 nm thickness) formed by atomic layer deposition (ALD). The ZnO-based films have demonstrated good surface-structural properties for the absorption of antibodies (anti-GVA) against GVAantigens in order to form a biosensitive layer. The absorption of anti-GVA antibodies resulted in new photoluminescence band appearance in the region of 400-550 nm that can be caused by the formation of some chemical bounds during the anti-GVA adsorption on ZnO surface [2]. The possibility to detect GVA-antigens without additional labels (e.g enzymes or fluorescent dyes) has been demonstrated. The GVA-antigen detection was performed by the evaluation of changes and behavior of the photoluminescence band, related to protein adsorption (Fig. 1). The sensitivity of as-formed label-free biosensor towards the GVA-antigens was determined in the range from 1 pg/ml to 10 ng/ml; in addition, the selectivity of biosensor was evaluated
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