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Title: Characterization of SnO2 Sensors Nanomaterials by Polarization Modulation Method
Authors: Hrinevych, Viktor S.
Filevska, Liudmila M.
Smyntyna, Valentyn A.
Stetsenko, Maksym O.
Rudenko, S. P.
Maksymenko, L. S.
Citation: Nanomaterials for Security
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Keywords: polarization characteristics
polarization spectroscopy
galvanic conductivity
terms of Gauss
resonance excitation of polaritons
surface plasmons
Abstract: The polarization characteristics for tin dioxide cluster films are studied by the method of modulation polarization spectroscopy. The galvanic conductivity presence in the films is the basis for registration in it the surface plasmon resonances. The spectral characteristics analysis by means of expansion in terms of Gauss components for the Stocks vector Q component of the probe radiation gave the parameters of the revealed resonances. The resonance excitation of polaritons and localized surface plasmons is established. The dispersion characteristics of non-radiative modes of surface plasmons are obtained which matches the cluster film structure. The numerical values comparison for resonances relaxation constants leads to the conclusion of application of one of them in sensors.
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