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Title: Surface Tension of the Liquid−Vapor Interface of the Lennard-Jones Fluids from the Ising Model
Authors: Kulinskii, Volodymyr L.
Maslechko, A.
Citation: The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (ACS Publications)
Issue Date: 6-Apr-2016
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Keywords: Lennard-Jones fluids
Ising model
surface tension
noble gases
Ornstein−Zernike equation
Series/Report no.: ;120 (16)
Abstract: The surface tension of the Lennard-Jones fluids is described on the basis of the information about Ising model. We use the global isomorphism approach developed earlier for the bulk properties. It is shown that in broad interval of phase coexistence from triple point Ttr to 0.9 Tc the surface tension for Lennard-Jones fluids like noble gases can be reproduced on the basis of the information on the Ising model with mean deviation less than 3% (except for neon). In a 2D case, we use the Onsager exact solution of the Ising model. We suggest the surface tension expression using the result of Woodbury (J. Chem. Phys. 1972, 57, 847). This expression has correct critical scaling behavior and can be used in the whole temperature region from triple point to critical one. The effective interfacial thickness is introduced on the basis of the Ornstein−Zernike equation and is related to the correlation length of the Ising model.
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