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Title: Singular-Spectrum Analysis and Wavelet Analysis of the Variability of the Extragalactic Radio Sources 3C 120 and CTA 102
Authors: Donskykh, Ganna I.
Riabov, Mykhailo I.
Sukharev, Artem L.
Aller, M. F.
Citation: Astrophysics
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Keywords: quasar
radio emission variability
3C 120
CTA 102
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 59, No. 2
Abstract: This is a study of the variability of the fluxes of radio emission from the quasar CTA 102 and the radio galaxy 3C 120 based on data from the University of Michigan Radio Astronomy Observatory (UMRAO, Ann Arbor). The data were obtained at three frequencies (14.5, 8, and 4.8 GHz) with the 26-m radio telescope. Two mutually complementary methods were used for the analysis: wavelet analysis and singular spectrum analysis. Wavelet analysis is based on the Fourier transform, while singular-spectrum analysis does not use an analyzing function. Long-duration components of the variability in the range of ~4-11 years were found for 3C 120 and ~1.5-3 years, for CTA 102. The short-duration components of the variability are characterized by periods of ~0.7-3.4 years for 3C 120 and ~0.5-0.8 years for CTA 102. These data were also compared with VLBI charts from the MOJAVE archive for studying the evolution of the components in the jets of the quasars studied here.
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