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Title: Using culture in vitro in viticulture
Authors: Klachun, A. A.
Barabash, V. B.
Tesliuk, Nataliia I.
Теслюк, Наталія Іванівна
Теслюк, Наталья Ивановна
Citation: International conference of young scientists "Modern problems of microbiology and biotechnology", Odesa, Ukraine, June 20-24, 2017
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Odessa I. I. Mechnikova National University
Keywords: in vitro culture
initial explants
clonal micropropagation
nutrient medium
Abstract: The influence of various jelling components, the composition of the nutrient medium on the survival, growth and development of initial grape explants in the primary stages of clonal micropropagation of grapes was investigated. The optimal nutrient medium Murasige and Skoog with the addition of a modified corn starch was developed and implemented to accelerate the breeding of grape variety Kobzar in vitro culture. The cost of microclon on the primary stages of clonal micro propagation has been reduced. The developed methods are tested in practice.
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