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dc.contributor.authorOvchinnikov, S.-
dc.contributor.authorVasyil'yev, M.-
dc.contributor.authorRusakova, Mariia Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorРусакова, Мария Юрьевнаru
dc.contributor.authorРусакова, Марія Юріївнаuk
dc.identifier.citationInternational conference of young scientists "Modern problems of microbiology and biotechnology", Odesa, Ukraine, June 20-24, 2017uk
dc.description.abstractThe activity of new N-methyl-quinolinyl-porphyrins against different morphological forms of Candida albicans (unattached, freedividing cells, as well as structures formed in the process of biofilm maturation) was characterized. Modification of porphyrin molecules by N-methyl-6-quinolinyl increases the fungicidal effect on the yeast cells, in contrast to N-methyl-7-quinolinyl derivatives that are effective against hyphal structures. Candida albicans biofilm cells are more resistant to low concentrations of the studied
dc.publisherOdessa I. I. Mechnikova National Universityuk
dc.subjectCandida albicansuk
dc.subjectplanktonic cellsuk
dc.titleThe anti-candida activity of new n-methylquinolinyl- porphyrins in vitrouk
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