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Title: The anti-candida activity of new n-methylquinolinyl- porphyrins in vitro
Authors: Ovchinnikov, S.
Vasyil'yev, M.
Rusakova, Mariia Yu.
Русакова, Мария Юрьевна
Русакова, Марія Юріївна
Citation: International conference of young scientists "Modern problems of microbiology and biotechnology", Odesa, Ukraine, June 20-24, 2017
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Odessa I. I. Mechnikova National University
Keywords: Candida albicans
planktonic cells
Abstract: The activity of new N-methyl-quinolinyl-porphyrins against different morphological forms of Candida albicans (unattached, freedividing cells, as well as structures formed in the process of biofilm maturation) was characterized. Modification of porphyrin molecules by N-methyl-6-quinolinyl increases the fungicidal effect on the yeast cells, in contrast to N-methyl-7-quinolinyl derivatives that are effective against hyphal structures. Candida albicans biofilm cells are more resistant to low concentrations of the studied compounds.
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