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Title: Європейське спрямування Лесі Українки — літературознавця, критика, прозаїка
Other Titles: Европейская направленность Леси Украинки — литературоведа, критика, прозаика
European direction of Lesya Ukrainka as a theorist of literature, critic and prose writer
Authors: Подлісецька, Ольга Олегівна
Подлисецкая, Ольга Олеговна
Podlisetska, Olha O.
Citation: Проблеми сучасного літературознавства = The problems of contemporary literary studies
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: оповідання
Series/Report no.: ;Вип. 23.
Abstract: У статті зосереджена увага на багатогранній особистості Лесі Українки — літературознавця, перекладача, збирачки фольклору, і особливо наголошується на недослідженій прозовій творчості письменниці. Проаналізовано європеїзм / модернізм прози Лесі Українки та виявлено новаторство тематики її оповідань. Простежено рецепцію прози Лесі Українки її першими критиками та досліджено, як у сучасному методологічному прочитанні творчість Лесі Українки набуває неоприявлених досі смислових аспектів та інтерпретацій.
В статье сосредоточено внимание на многогранной личности Леси Украинки — литературоведа, переводчика, собирателя фольклора, и особенно акцентируется внимание на неисследованном прозаическом творчестве писательницы. Проанализировано европеизм / модернизм прозы Леси Украинки и определено новаторство тематики ее рассказов. Прослежена рецепция прозы Леси Украинки ее первыми критиками и установлено, что в современном методологическом прочтении творчество Леси Украинки принимает новые смысловые аспекты и интерпретации.
In the given article is analysed public and cultural position of Lesya Ukrainka. It was found out that epistolary and critical works by prose writer Lesya Ukrainka now acquire new, previously not mentioned semantic aspects and interpretations. Analysed genre specific of prose by Lesya Ukrayinka and it was discovered that the base of her short stories is formed by an intellectual conflict. There is traced reception of prose by Lesya Ukrayinka by her first literary critics and also investigated feministic tendencies in the short stories by the authoress. In the given article is probed the appearance of the new method of reality perception, which is directed on fixing alienation in the spiritual situation of contemporaneity. There is traced embodiment of feministic tendencies in short stories by Lesya Ukrayinka. It is noted that scornful attitude toward Lesya Ukrayinka as a prose writer dominates in criticism, which is explained by the fact that literary criticism is not always ready to accept new tendencies: writers avoid simplification of the artistic world of own works, deepen the expressive side of artistic value in behalf of approaching to indescribable. There is traced transformation of small prose structural types by the authoress, in which realistic and modernistic short story coexist. It is noticed that in the short stories by Lesya Ukrayinka is developed an intellectual conflict. There is analysed accent transference from external events to internal heartfelt changes and changes experienced by the heroine of the short story «Friendliness». There is traced an intuitional denial of the traditional for realism genres of prose by Lesya Ukrayinka. There is investigatied the phenomenon of artistic value of authoress, which consists in both presenting the author’s individuality, and at the same time being unidentical for the author. It was proved that the basic feature of the short stories in the end of 19th– beginning of the 20th century is a multidimensional approach to a character, aimed at immersion in the existentional depths of a human being. It is considered important the attention to womanish psychology and attempt of the deep emotional states analysis in the prose literary works by Lesya Ukrayinka. According to research, in modern methodological reading of the works of playwright and intellectual Lesya Ukrainka inherent in the hitherto implicit aspects of meaning and interpretation.
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