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Title: Исследование изменчивости основних физико-химических характеристик морских вод вблизи острова Змеиный в 2004-2013 гг.
Other Titles: Variability Investigation of the Major Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Sea Water around Zmiinyi Island in 2004-2013
Authors: Газетов, Евгений Иванович
Мединец, Владимир Иванович
Gazyetov, Yevgen I.
Medynets, Volodymyr I.
Citation: Вісник Одеського національного університету. Серія: Географічні та геологічні науки. - 2016. - Т. 21. - Вип.12. – С. 24-45. ISSN 2303-9914.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І.І. Мечникова
Keywords: прибрежные морские воды, Черное море, остров Змеиный, сток реки Дунай, физико-химические характеристики
coastal waters, the Black Sea, Zmiinyi Island, discharge of the Danube River, physical and chemical characteristics
Abstract: Приведены и проанализированы результаты наблюдений, которые проводились в 2004-2013 гг. морской научно-исследовательской станцией «Остров Змеиный» (скорость и направление ветра, температура воздуха, прозрачность, температура, соленость, содержание кислорода и водородный показатель в морской воде) и Дунайской гидрометеорологической обсерваторией (водный сток р. Д унай). Оценена степень влияния стока р. Д унай и ветрового режима на основные физико-химические характеристики водной среды в районе о. Змеиный. Оценены корреляционные (статистические) взаимосвязи основных физико-химических характеристик прибрежных вод о. Змеиный со стоком р. Дунай и скоростью ветра при различных его направлениях.
Purpose. Waters of the North-Western part of the Black Sea (NWBS) receiving the discharges from three large rivers (255,7 km3 per year) differ from the waters of the Black Sea in their unique physical and chemical characteristics. In this context one of the most important tasks is assessment of the large rivers’ discharge impacts on the estuarine areas of the Black Sea. The objective of the work has been to reveal the variability of physical and chemical characteristics of marine water near the Zmiinyi Island under impact of the Danube discharge and wind conditions in 2004-2013. Materials & Methods. Results of meteorological (wind speed and direction, air temperature), hydrological and hydrochemical observations and measurements (temperature, transparency, salinity, density and relative oxygen content, pH value) performed in the island coastal waters in 2004-2013 have been used as the source data. Statistical and correlation analysis performed for the three sectors of wind direction in the Zmiinyi Island area (“Danube”, “NWBS” (north-western Black Sea) and “Black Sea”) have been used as a basic research tools. Results. Many-years trends in the changes of the main physicochemical characteristics of marine waters near the Zmiinyi Island have been analysed. For the period May-December 2004-2013 the tendency of average monthly water temperature values decreasing has been identified, as well as the tendency of increasing of average monthly values of sea level, transparency, salinity, pH, concentration of and saturation with dissolved oxygen. Quantitative confirmation of significant influence of the Danube discharge on salinity, transparency and water level near the Zmiinyi Island has been received. For the period May-December 2004-2013, increasing repeatability of wind directions was revealed for the sector “Danube” and decreasing repeatability for the sector “NWBS”. No significant trends have been established for repeatability of the “Black Sea” sector. Division of datasets into wind sectors enabled us to establish certain regularities in the hydrological and hydrochemical regime of marine water in the Zmiinyi Island area. In particular, closer connections of salinity, transparency and relative oxygen content with wind speed were identified for the sectors “Danube and “NWBS” and insignificant connections for the “Black Sea” sector. Closer connections of pH, oxygen concentration and air temperature were revealed with the speed of wind from the sectors “Danube” and “Black Sea” and less significant connections for the “NWBS” sector.
ISSN: 2303-9914
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