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Title: Methods and Statistics of TV Observations of Telescopic Meteors
Authors: Gorbanev, Yuriy M.
Golubaev, Aleksandr V.
Zhukov, V. V.
Knyaz’kova, Еlena F.
Kimakovskiy, Sergey R.
Kimakovskaya, Irina I.
Podlesnyak, S. V.
Sarest, Leonid A.
Stogneeva, Irina A.
Shestopalov, Vasiliy A.
Citation: Solar System Research
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing, Inc.
Keywords: meteor observations
meteor patrol
Astronomical Observatory of Odessa National University
Series/Report no.: Vol. 40, No. 5
Abstract: A review of TV and telescopic methods of meteor observations and of the problems of meteor astronomy addressed using these methods is presented. A meteor patrol developed at the Astronomical Observatory of Odessa National University and based on a Schmidt telescope and a TV detector is described. The meteor patrol allows meteor events to be recorded with a time resolution of 0.04 s. The investigated characteristics of the patrol are reported, and some aspects of the methods of observations and reduction employed are considered. The results of observations made during the period 2003–2004 are reported. A total of 368 meteors were recorded on 1093 individual frames during a total patrol time of 679 hours within a 36′×48′ field of view. The statistical data for meteor observations are reported, and classification of meteor images is presented. The specific features of some recorded meteor events are analyzed.
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