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dc.contributor.authorLimanska, Natalia V.-
dc.contributor.authorIvanytsia, Volodymyr O.-
dc.contributor.authorMilkus, Boris-
dc.contributor.authorZhunko, Inna D.-
dc.contributor.authorKonup, Lyudmila-
dc.contributor.authorGavrik, Alla-
dc.contributor.authorЖунько, Інна Давидівна-
dc.contributor.authorЖунько, Инна Давидовна-
dc.contributor.authorЛіманська, Наталія Вікторівна-
dc.contributor.authorЛиманская, Наталья Викторовна-
dc.contributor.authorИваница, Владимир Алексеевич-
dc.contributor.authorІваниця, Володимир Олексійович-
dc.identifier.citation„Microbiology on Service for Human”uk
dc.identifier.citation" Microbiology on service for human," Ukrainian-Polish weigl conference (3-rd; 2009; Odessa) Abstracts, 14-17 September, 2009 / " Microbiology on service for human," Ukrainian-Polish weigl conference (3-rd; 2009; Odessa) ; chairman: Volodymyr Olexijovich Ivanytsia . - Odesa : Odesa I.I. Mechnykov university, 2009. - 232 p. : fig., tabl.-
dc.description.abstractCrown gall of grape is one of the most serious diseases in commercial nurseries of many grape-growing countries. On young vineyards of susceptible cultivars up to 75% of plants may die from galls surrounding trunks and interfering the normal water and nutrients supply (Negrul, 1951, Burr, 1999). Crown gall agents (Rhizobium vitis and R. radiobacter (Agrobacterium vitis, A. tumefaciens)) survive in grapevine xylem and are transmitted by vegetative propagation (Lehoczky, 1968). In many cases infected plants remain symptomless for a long time, allowing to select planting material from infected vineyards (Burr, 1984). Use of such planting material results in further spread of pathogens and consequent losses in
dc.publisherOdesa I.I. Mechnykov universityuk
dc.relation.ispartofseries;P. 50 - 51-
dc.titleDetection of crown gall agents on Ukrainian vineyards by PCRuk
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