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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24(2).pdf.jpg2012Dynamics of cosmic bodies in TNK open UniverseKudinova, Alexandra; Eingorn, Maxim; Zhuk, Alexander
1-8.pdf.jpg2019Effect of the spatial curvature of the Universe on the form of the gravitational potentialEingorn, Maxim; Yükselci, A. Emrah; Zhuk, Oleksandr I.; Жук, Олександр Іванович; Жук, Александр Иванович
2-15.pdf.jpg2020Effects of nonlinearity of f (R) gravity and perfect fluid in Kaluza–Klein models with spherical compactificationCanay, Ezgi; Eingorn, Maxim; Zhuk, Oleksandr I.; Жук, Олександр Іванович; Жук, Александр Иванович
24.pdf.jpg2012Fine tuning problem avoidance in five-dimensional brane world modelsFakhr, Seyed Hossein; Eingorn, Maxim; Zhuk, Alexander
18+.pdf.jpg2012Hubble flows and gravitational potentials in observable UniverseEingorn, Maxim; Zhuk, Alexander
8.pdf.jpg2019Implementation of gravitational potential screening on large scales in an N-body codeBaldi, Marco; Burgazli, Alvina; Eingorn, Maxim; Жук, Олександр Іванович; Жук, Александр Иванович; Zhuk, Oleksandr I.
23-24.pdf.jpg2012Multidimensional solitons with spherical compactificationChopovsky, Alexey; Eingorn, Maxim; Zhuk, Alexander
23.pdf.jpg2012Quintessence and phantom energy inhomogeneities at late stages of universe evolutionBurgazli, Alvina; Eingorn, Maxim; Zhuk, Alexander
23.pdf.jpg2012Significance of tension for Kaluza-KIein models: critical remarksZhuk, Alexander; Eingorn, Maxim
Zhuk APC000122.pdf.jpg2009The Shape of Multidimensional Gravity: Non-relativistic LimitZhuk, Alexander; Eingorn, Maxim